Forum on Energy Efficiency and Decarbonisation 2024 (FEED 2024)

Students of ME and MAE, MAIT participated in the fourth edition of ‘Forum on Energy Efficiency and Decarbonisation 2024 (FEED 2024) presented by Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE), 28- 29 Feb 2024, Hotel Eros, Delhi under the guidance of Dr Vaibhav Jain.

FEED placed a robust emphasis on decarbonisation and smart energy management, which is crucial for achieving a net-zero economy and encourages vital knowledge transfer in technology adoption across the value chain. As a convergence point for stakeholders within India’s energy ecosystem, FEED facilitated interactions and opportunities for enhanced business competitiveness through energy efficiency and decarbonisation. Aligned with the G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration and COP28’s agenda, FEED 2024 focused on ‘Achieving India’s energy efficiency commitment by 2030: Fuelling investments, creating green jobs, and forging key alliances.’ This edition aimed to foster meaningful dialogue, issuing a call to action to accelerate energy efficiency across sectors through collective efforts, cooperation, knowledge sharing and creating opportunities across industries, governments, and communities.

Students of MAIT Joined in this endeavour to create opportunities and shape a sustainable future. Total 10 students of ME and MAE Deptt, MAIT attended the event.

  1. Kavya Taneja
  2. Vishu
  3. Keerat Singh
  4. Mayank Bhadouria
  5. Kamran Ali
  6. Keshav vats
  7. Saquib khan
  8. Syed Qasim Ali
  9. Anshul Mathur
  10. Aditya Kumar

ACREX 2024

MAIT students as volunteer to shadow ASHRAE President Ms Ginger Scoggins during ACREX 2024. Some students are placed at booth to represent AIC during ACREX 2024.