List of Seminar/ FDPs/ Workshop  organised by the Department



Date EVENT Event Report
25th April 2024 SAEINDIA MAIT Club’s CAD Contest 1.0 in Techsurge & Mirdang 2024 Report
24th April 2024 Machinist: A Contest for Perfectionists Report
23rd April 2024 Robotics and Automation: Simulation of Arm Robots Report
21st March 2024 Mock Group Discussion (GD) for 3rd year students Report
18th March 2024 Workshop on "Problem Solving Approach Based Psychological Assessment Tool" Report
7th February 2023 Design, Thinking And Innovation In The Field Of Adhesive Technology Report
30th-31st January 2024 1st International Conference on Green Technology and Sustainability-2024 (ICGTS 2024) Report
30th January 2024 Demo Day Report
31st January 2024 Poster Presentation Report
30th November 2023 Aerostars Sim-League: UAV Workshop and Simulation Report
6th November 2023 Teaching Machine Learning: The Missing Links Report
27th October 2023 Amrit Kaal Vimarsh Viksit Bharat@2047 Report
05th-06th April 2023 Team Jatayu Stunt Show at “TechSurge & Mridang 2023” Report
15th-17th March 2023 Hands-On Training on UAV TECHNOLOGY Report
15th-17th March 2023 Hands on Training on 3D Printing Technology Report
18th November 2022 Seminar on Success by Design Report
15th September 2022 Celebration of Engineer’s Day Report
10th-13th May 2022 Workshop on 3D Printing Report
23rd April 2022 Online webinar on World Earth Day (22nd April) Report
29th January 2022 Online webinar on Experimental investigations on mechanical behaviour of friction stir welded aluminum based composites Report
22nd January 2022 Online webinar on Augmentation of Heat Transfer in Internal Flow Report
8th January 2022 Online webinar on Tribological behaviours of magnesium alloy sector shape pad with surface modification Report
13th December 2021 Technical webinar on Production: Non traditional Machining Methods Report
23rd October 2021 Webinar on Problem solving and creativity Report
23rd-27th August 2021 Atal FDP on Robotics: Advances and Applications (with fund of Rs 94,000/-) Report
20th March 2021 Webinar on 3D printing Report
19th-23rd October 2020 E-workshop on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and its Applications Report
18th September 2020 Webinar on Strategy for GATE/IAS Report
17th September 2020 Webinar on BS-VI Technology in Commercial Vehicle Report
6th-10th July 2020 One Week E-FDP on Stress and Health Issues Due To COVID 19: Management and Technical Solutions Report
01st August 2020 Webinar on Bloom's Taxonomy and Course Attainment Report
25th-26th February 2020 Symposium on Nascent Mechanical Techniques for Global Challenges of Sustainability Report