An advanced RAC lab has been set up from the fund received from American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), USA. The equipment has been set up with the support of M/s MIR Labs Limited.  The advanced RAC lab consists of below test facility:

  1. Vapor Compression Experimental Test Rig using Ejector as an Expansion Device: The objective of the present test facility is to enhance the performance of vapor compression system with the use of ejector as an expansion device.


  1. House Hold Refrigeration System Assisted with Two Phase Ejector: Ejector-expansion is recognized as a potential method of improving the performance of VCRC by the recovery of the expansion work normally lost in the expansion valve or capillary tube.  Among the different ejector-expansion applications, the typical application in domestic refrigerator-freezers has been an attractive option due to the larger recovery potential of expansion losses caused by the throttling process in the systems.


  1. Cascade Refrigeration System for Low Temperature Application as a Training and Demonstration Unit: Cascade refrigeration systems employ series of single stage VCR units which are thermally coupled with evaporator/condenser cascade. The experimental test rig for two stage cascade refrigeration System can be used for low temperature application.



  1. Vapor Compression Experimental Test Rig for Training and Demonstration of Different Psychrometric Processes:            Psychometric processes play a key role in comfort air conditioning. Hence, a thorough understanding of these processes is of great significance for Engineers. The purpose of the present experimental test facility is to demonstrate and teach basic Psychometric processes and their effect on state of air.


  1. Ice Slurry Generator Experimental Test Rig as Training and Demonstration unit: It is an experimental test facility of ‘scraped surface ice slurry generator’  that can train and demonstrate the students about the basics, importance and applications of ice slurry. Data analoger are used to collect the experimental performance data for ice slurry production.


  1. Air Conditioner Cum Air Sterilizer for Combined Application of Air Heating and Cooling: The test rig is a demonstration of the Air Handling Unit (AHU) which will be responsible for cooling or heating purpose along with maintaining air quality through the use of filters and UVC emitter.


  1. Double skin air handling unit with active air purification system as an educational demonstration unit: The main objective of this setup is to, along with cooling/heating, purify the air and reduce microbial, viruses, and bacterial growth in the environment.