Aerostars Sim-League: UAV Workshop and Simulation

Want to have fun before exams, we got you?
SIM LEAGUE is an event that will give you a chance to participate in a Drone workshop and simulation where you will learn about the drone engineering. You will also learn to fly a drone in a virtual environment and a fun race will be organised.

The winners will get exciting prizes.
All participants will get a CERTIFICATE

•? Save the Date: 30 November 2023
• Venue: AEROSTARS : UAV Research and Development lab (201)
• Time: 11:30 am

? Last Date to Register: 29th November 2023

•To register for the event:

We hope to see you at SIM LEAGUE!

*Connect us at aerostars.mait
Sanyam - 9810887832
Divyanshu - 931586333

Aerostars SIM league